Our Philosophy


Pinnacle renders developmentally appropriate, core academic and recreational activities for School-Age Children (K through 8th grade).

We recognize children as individuals and support each child in his or her unique developmental needs.


As part of a culturally diverse classroom in which mutual respect and understanding are emphasized, children are also encouraged to value teamwork, interdependence, and group harmony.


Our goal is to give children a sense of self-worth by helping them learn fundamental skills and concepts at their own individual pace. We exert much effort to let children feel confident and secure enough to explore and grow in our stimulating educational and social environment.


At Pinnacle, we believe that, it is the role of the educator to continuously prepare the environment and link the child to it through well-thought-out resource materials and projects, in order to nurture exploration, spark intrinsic motivation and self directed learning.


To support our belief, we encourage children to participate in a gamut of individual and group activities designed to develop language, reading readiness and mathematical skills, acquaint them to historic events, scientific discoveries, socio-emotional understanding of self and others and more.